Sunday, March 9, 2008

Logo #206: Angels and Airwaves

Designed by Blink-182 singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge in 2005. Coincidentally(?), the triple-A of this logo spells the name of DeLonge's daughter Ava. Aesthetically, the logo presents the waves of air in the ups-and-downs of its structure. Sometimes inadvertent brilliance is your greatest entertainment value. DeLonge (the singer who's not as screechy) and Blink-182 are currently at odds and while the odds are against him, we get Angels and Airwaves. For all their distasteful tattoos and overall bourgeois malaise, the Blink-182 camp - in this case, DeLonge - really are quite gifted pop musicians and songwriters. Seeing their lives unfold incessantly and insufferably in every media outlet available is particularly graceless, though. Most distressing.

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