Thursday, March 20, 2008

Logo #212: Frankenstein

Bart Sinister of Los Angeles-area goth band Frankenstein reveals, "The Frankenstein fist logo was designed by Dave Grave, vocalist from Frankenstein. It was first published in 1988 in an apocalypso manifesto called "Das Kannibal"."

The green fist was one of the first rock band logos which I consciously became aware was a rock band logo. It was stuck (and possibly still is) on a water fountain on the campus of Ventura College - or, as most community colleges are known, the 13th grade. The day-glo green, the lineage of the raised fist of rebellion, the sense of humor (it's hard to make tendons required to make a fist work properly when one's hand is barely sewn to one's wrist) - all aspects conspired to catch a lazy eye in the comatose warmth of a summer's day. In this way the band logo, when experienced early enough, always holds a position of fondness for the fan - a muscle memory of emotions whose grasp, like that of a clenched fist, is not so easy to pry open.

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