Tuesday, April 24, 2012

F.Y.P: Logo #331

F.Y.P's logo was designed by band founder Todd Congelliere for the band's second demo in 1988.  This particular version in that lovely shade of almost-IKB comes from the "Extra Credit" EP from 1991.  Congelliere: "I just wanted something that had something to do with (the number) 5, 'cos the band was called 5 Year Plan."  Begun in a bedroom in Torrance in the late '80s, F.Y.P was conspicuously lighthearted, an ironically stark contrast to the almost 15 years of that pragmatically grim SST work ethic that seemed to become shorthand for punk rock in the South Bay area of L.A. in the '80s.  It wasn't as intense as what happened to Rocco Roll of The Absentees, though.

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