Friday, April 13, 2012

The Accüsed: Logo #328

Martha Splatterhead was drawn and created by The Accüsed's guitarist Tom Niemeyer in 1984. For several years, The Accüsed broke up, but Niemeyer? Not dead! The explosion of metal bands is, however, inversely proportionate to the mascots they bring with them. If you wanted to point fingers at "false" metal, you could do worse to accuse - so to speak - those who are more obsessed with letters than with monsters. This is a fairly interesting hometown read in the Pacific Northwest Inlander (there's a mouthful for you) on The Accüsed from last year. Niemeyer: "(Martha) recently made her on-screen debut in our latest video, 'Hemline.' Now she’s got the acting bug, so anything’s possible…and anything you can imagine is nothing compared to what we have planned for Martha's fans!" Which would be ominous if it weren't so cheerful. The various incarnations of Martha over almost 30 years can be seen here, with early nods to the crossing-over of punk and metal that was such a big deal in the '80s. Remember getting all mad about that? Me, either.

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