Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plastikman: Logo #330

Designed by California artist Ron Cameron in 1991 and appropriated by Dominic Ayre for Plastikman in 1993. There's been a considerable amount of debate as to the provenance of this logo over the past twenty (!) years - Ayre was accused of filching it from some mysterious skateboard artist until Cameron himself helpfully cleared everything up here: "I did this for my own skateboard company called Strike (through Acme Skateboards), for the “Street Worker” model in 1991. Someone re-scanned it and sold it to Richie Hawtin in 1992 and claimed ownership. Richie found me around 1997, and everything was settled all cool-like. I’ve been friends with Richie since, and Plastikman is re-issuing the 1st LP in 2010, with actual plastic toys of this character - one for each song title, 12 total. "

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