Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blues Traveler: Logo #327

Blues Traveler's smoking cat was drawn by Tim Vega for the cover of their 1990 debut album. Joan Osborne sang back-up on that album; the peripatetic Osborne was an unknown and worked with New York avant merchants If, Bwana (!) at the same time. Blues Traveler arcana states that sometime around 1987, a black cat showed up at one of their jam sessions and became their de facto mascot. I wonder whatever happened to that cat. I can't say that I've paid attention to Blues Traveler in the slightest, but they do seem to make a whole lot of people happy - just like Peter Frampton did once; you can see them in all those amazingly massive concerts he used to do - and I can still hear John Popper's harmonica from "Run-Around" rattling around at the back of my head. So that, as they say, is something.

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