Wednesday, December 1, 2010

White Zombie: Logo #321

This rather handsome fellow, designed by Rob Zombie in 1992, represents everything his kind of garage metal would become and should be: shambolic, snarling, and - somewhat tellingly - single-eared. Zombie, born Bob Cummings - with a name like that, you'd change your name to "Zombie," too - puts on a hell of a Halloween show at Universal Studios and he seems incredibly earnest. Even though money has bought him all the monster movies he could ever want, lately he's like that eccentric relative who over time has crossed over from "That's your uncle?!" to "That's your uncle?!" - at which point you just grit your teeth and bear his increasingly depressing antics and pretend to text someone while he tries to make eye contact at the dinner table. White Zombie's "More Human Than Human" is still a massive, surprisingly mournful-sounding song, though.

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