Monday, December 6, 2010

Flux of Pink Indians: Logo #324

This mix of Native American imagery and the peace symbol was designed for Flux of Pink Indians in 1981 by Exitstencil Press, Crass' in-house design firm founded by Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher. I write "Native American" because, by inference and the time in which it was cast, likely "Indian" means "Native American" - although one never knows. So by what signifiers do we infer that these are two Indians? The "head-dresses" could just as easily be mohawks; are the raised knees part of a dance? They could just as easily be climbing the angles of the peace sign - which just as easily could be a teepee. The fringes might be frocks. Mssrs. Rimbaud and Vaucher maintain a stony silence on the matter - smoke signals notwithstanding.

Keep in mind that Derek Birkett, the bassist of Flux of Pink Indians, co-founded One Little Indian, the record label that last year signed Paul McCartney. Long and winding roads that intertwine are what make life worth living, ultimately.

Apropos of something, here's a nice piece on Clinton Riggs, the Tulsa PD captain who created the yield sign in 1950.


XCnuck said...

Just stumbled upon your blog... Great stuff!

Proud to be Republican said...

Isn't punk rock racist?

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