Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Logo #242: Björk








Paul White designed this icon for Björk, looking nothing so much as a swan stifling a sneeze, in 1993. Her latest effort is the beautiful and amazing "Wanderlust" video. Shame there's no song to go along with the video, though - the phrase "there's no "there" there" rather comes to mind. So, to alleviate your intense letdown, here's the Swedish Chef. Bjork bjork bjork. I really wanted to give this post to Front 242, but they never had a distinctive band logo. I tried. Honestly I did. Somewhat relatedly, the Guardian has a recent article mooing and prostrating themselves before the supposedly dying art of record sleeve design. Tempest, teacup, etc. You know what's really dying? Flexidiscs. No, wait.

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Steve Jensen said...

I would say you misspoke about Front 242.... see here: http://bleepfiend.co.uk/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/242_MM.JPG