Thursday, January 10, 2008

Logo #152: Autechre

Sean Booth and Rob Brown of Autechre checked in recently about the origins of this rather iconic slice of simplicity. Booth: "The logo was a simple splice of the "a" and "e" from "avant-garde", which we were using when we did the "lp5" sleeve. I'm not sure it even counts as a logo 'cos it's just type; there's no work there apart from kerning." Brown: "From what I can remember - if that one's sourced from "Gantz Graf" material (it looks as if it is), it was Alex Rutterford responsible for that kind of example used on "Gantz Graf" artwork. But Sean & I did the the original joined-up "ae" that started in the "lp5" promo postcards / stickers. Alex based his version on those earlier logos and I think he modified the font." Booth: "Also, it's probably worth mentioning what Rob said is right: there are many variations 'cos every time we re-used it or another designer employed it, we just specified the font; we left the spacing and sizing up to them. There are slight differences between each one. It's also worth mentioning that for now we are using a new ae logo designed by Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic; he also did the sleeve for the new album "Quaristice"."

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