Monday, October 27, 2008

The Descendents: Logo #282

Milo here was designed for the Manhattan Beach punk band by Jeff "Rat" Atkinson in 1982 for the "Milo Goes to College" LP. He's a caricature of Descendents lead singer and chemist Milo Aukerman. I could say that I haven't heard much of their music, but in these days of YouTube and MySpace, being instantly turned-on to any music about which one might be curious seems to be the natural order of things - so I'll just say that I'm lazy, which makes me efficient if not terribly informed right now. To put it another way: think of all those bands you've always wanted to get to but need a few years in a sanatorium to really do the job right. And that's my impression of Descendents: always there, perennially adolescent and sophomoric and hoisting the flag of discontent and good humor.

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Rod said...

actually, as i understand it, the logo was designed by Roger Deuerlein (hence the "after R.D." in the graphic you show here.

by the way, this blog rules.