Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Rolling Stones: Logo #279

The Rolling Stones had their logo designed by John Pasche in 1970, the original drawing of which sold in early September of 2008 to the Victoria & Albert Museum of art and design in London. Saith the BBC: "The logo, originally designed in 1970 and used by the rock band ever since, sold in the US for $92,500 (£51,375). Artist John Pasche, who sold the artwork, was originally paid £50 for creating the design. The Stones were so pleased with the logo that, in 1972, they gave him a bonus of £200. Pasche was studying at London's Royal College of Art when Stones frontman Mick Jagger, disappointed by the bland designs put forward by record label Decca, began looking for a design student to help create a logo. The singer went to see Pasche's degree show, which eventually led to the iconic pop art design's creation, first used on the Stones' "Sticky Fingers" album in 1971." Which is more rebellious and offensive: the lips, or the tongue? Rarely are the splashes of white on the tongue and lips mentioned; rarer still is the flipside of the icon observed: the tongue, forever licking out to taste and consume. Stones bassist and history detective Bill Wyman makes metal detectors now, Keith Richards gave one of the best interviews GQ ever published, Mick Jagger's drone soundtracks are some of the best yet recorded, and Brian Jones will always be Brian Jones.

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