Monday, April 28, 2008

Logo #238: Blood Axis

Designed in 1989 by Michael Moynihan. Blood Axis had its roots in Moynihan's earlier, noisier band Coup de Grâce (expect that big beautiful archival Vinyl-on-Demand box set any year now). He now publishes esoteric literature through his publishing house Dominion Press. I can't recall ever seeing one photograph of him in which he smiles, although doubtless he must take enjoyment in at least one or two things in this life, but I don't think I'd necessarily qualify him as a "bummer." Ever known a guy like that? He's probably really good at drawing or squash or math but you'd never know it and he's probably got a backyard filled with cash that gets donated to Our Lady of the Worthless Miracle when he dies. The cross, in a way the inverse of the circle, doesn't get as much play in terms of logo design as it probably should - people occasionally get cagey about discussing their respective Christianities, and some see overly ostentatious displays of the cross as a little like wearing your bullet pendant to a dinner at the Kennedys - but straight lines are always attractive and when they meet, it's sweet geometric love.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that the logo was actually designed by the artist Harold Arthur McNeill. I once had a small cardboard print of it given to me by the artist, but have since lost it.

Francesco Dal Pont said...

Here's another similar logo appearing on a Charles Mansons' 7" released by Magic Bullet Records:

Same thorns crown and abyssic/stellar background, great design actually.