Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Logo #233: Megadeth

Vic Rattlehead, mascot for thrash metal band Megadeth was originally designed by Dave Mustaine in 1985 and fleshed out to his classic configuration by Edward J. Repka for the 1986 "Peace Sells… But Who's Buying?" LP and the 1990 "Rust in Peace" LP. Repka also presented Biohazard's logo the same year. Busy guy, that Ed Repka. Vic's story is that, because his mouth, ears and eyes are clamped and welded shut, he can neither speak, hear nor see any evil - which either makes him an innocent on par with Cassandra and her Complex or just a really great real estate agent. Here he is, selling the United Nations. It was really, really strange seeing Dave Mustaine in therapy with Lars Ulrich in the 2001 Metallica documentary "Some Kind of Monster." Dave's whole mindset was that Megadeth was always second to Metallica. Sentimental hogwash! He should take a cue from the attitude of Tampax: "We're not #1 - but we're up there!" Also, if any of you professional ironists want to start making t-shirts again that say things like "Prayer" instead of Slayer and "Megalife" instead of Megadeth - in the words of Lacy Underall, "Go for it!"

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