Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Logo #225: The Queers

Drawn by longtime Pictograms reader Christopher Appelgren in 1998. Appelgren: "I did Green Day's "Kerplunk" album artwork including the smiling flower logo and the insert art for their first album "39/Smooth." I didn't do the electrocuted man but that seems to be a wholesale version of a warning sign from England. One of the greatest band logos of all time is the SOUP unhappy face, designed by Richie Bucher, who also created the art for Green Day's "Dookie" album, among others. Have you seen it? Also, Jesse Michaels' Filth, and the Operation Ivy "skanking guy" logo is memorable. I designed the Queers logo and album art for all of their Lookout! releases except one. I also created logos/album art for The Donnas, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Green Day and a number of others, including my bands The PeeChees and The Pattern."

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