Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Specials: Logo #14

Designed by Jerry Dammers and Horace "The Gentleman" Panter for their Two-Tone label in 1979, the usually nameless Walt Jabsco was based on an album photograph of Peter Tosh. It debuted on the The Specials' "Gangsters" single. Indian-born Dammers played keyboards in the septet; Panter, the bass. One of the first mascots in the survey, it pre-dated even Iron Maiden's Eddie, but Motörhead pre-dated them with their Snaggletooth mascot, which was then pre-dated by Angel Witch. Another story for another time. And while Eddie and The Not Man and Grim Reaper are exciting on a cosmological level, you don't necessarily want to style your life after them. Fangs are rough on dry-cleaning. Two-toned suits - not so much.

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