Saturday, July 14, 2007

Faust: Logo #4

This is a photograph from the cover of the eponymous Faust LP (Polydor, 1971). The hand is Andy Hertel's, a friend of the band - and here it should be pointed out that the logos in this blahg are simply the symbols, not a typeface or a font or a script. This of course eliminates 90% of all so-called logos - including all those inscrutable death metal designs that end in ??? - but it's a distinction that must be made. Pay no attention to the type beside that claw! Fittingly, the first X-ray ever taken was that of the hand of Mrs. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895. It was a photograph that led Dr. Roentgen to the Nobel Prize in 1901, the inaugural year of the awards - ironically, founded by a man whose invention (dynamite) effected a dire need for X-ray technology. Sometimes. Some logos are methodically crafted, and some have their immortality thrust upon the band. This is an example.

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