Friday, November 16, 2007

Logo #103: Clowns For Progress

"Theatrical punk" band Clowns For Progress had their emblem designed by frontman Deano Jones in 1997. Jones: "The "Clown Eye," as we called it, was actually the second installment of our logo. We had been using the simple words "Clowns for Progress" (I cut out the letters from the Village Voice myself) from around 1992. But when we changed the line up in 1997, I designed the Eye. I thought I was cleverly iconifying our clown face into a logo, but mostly got asked if it was an amplifier tube - although Jimmy Gestapo of Murphy's Law thought it was great that we used the "Lincoln hood ornament"!" Conceivably there could be a Clowns For Progress / Insane Clown Posse / The Adicts / Lower Class Brats package tour stuffed to bursting with all sorts of mirth and ribaldry. Conceivably.

An inconceivably long week with no logo writing, but this week my review of Orhan Pamuk's collected essays appears in the L.A. Weekly. Pamuk is the most widely read author in all of Turkey. What did you do this week?

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