Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dilated Peoples: Logo #284

The Dilated Peoples cyclops was created by Brent Rollins / Ego Trip NYC in 1997 for "Third Degree," the band's first 12" on ABB Records. One of the members, DJ Babu, coined the phrase turntablism and hails from Oxnard. Oxnard! Go figure. Oxnard was in fact one of the first places on the West Coast to play hip-hop with any regularity. The prime mover of this movement was a DJ named H.T., who, last I'd heard, died in a car crash in the late '80s or so. When I brought the subject up to DJ Babu, he replied, "What?! HT! KMIX 106!!!!! I used to stay up every Saturday night to record HT...I remember when he passed and all they did was replay old HT recordings for a week, then the station folded...that brings me back!!!!!!!"

Howard David Thomas, November 22, 1962 - August 14, 1988. Rest in peace, Mr. DJ.


Anonymous said...

Howard was my uncle. Coming up on his 21 years since his passing, we always start reflecting around this time. Searching for those that remember him, I found you. THANK YOU!

All the family and old K-MIX DJs are reminiscing on facebook :)

Anonymous said...

Every year around this time we start reflecting and searching the internet for those that remember him. Howard was my uncle. Thank you so much for the memory :)

Family and old KMIX DJs are all on facebook reminiscing